A Year's Priceless Practice

Time moves forward as it always does. The end of a year causes many of us to reflect on life, on accomplishments, on lost opportunities, about what is important, and what moments are left. The end of a year presses us to consider what is most important in life.


Of all the practices and disciplines that a follower of Jesus can focus their attention on and give their time and effort to, there is none so helpful and powerful as reading the Bible every day. Even more powerful is the practice of reading through the entire Bible every year.


What are the benefits of reading through the Bible every year? There are several benefits that have deep, lasting value for every believer:


  1. Reading through the Bible every year exposes the reader to every truth that God has revealed through His Word. 

  2. Reading through the Bible every year helps the reader to see God in His entirety, not just the characteristics we enjoy the most.

  3. Reading through the Bible every year allows the reader to be impacted by the full diet of God's complete Word as He intended. 

Truly the only way we will come face to face with all that God has revealed is to read through the Bible. We will not live long enough to hear sermons or participate in studies of all 66 books. We need to read the Word to get all the Word. There is no other way.


Reading through the Word of God every year keeps us continuously face-to-face with all that God, motivated and refreshed by the complete inspired revelation given to us by the Holy Spirit. Whatever your format - print, digital, or audio - commit with me to reading through the Bible this year, and every year, and experience the deep, lasting value of God's complete truth. 


Pastor Kevin